Day’s End. . .

This evening’s rainbow.

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6 Comments on “Day’s End. . .”

  1. Jack Says:

    Thanks for catching the golden tone Tom. I saw both ends of the Rainbow from Lake Avenue at 5:45. A number of people stopped and watched in wonder for a couple of minutes.

  2. Karri Says:


    Did you find the pots of gold?

  3. Jack Says:

    No, but if I did I would add them to your flights to Haiti. Keep up the great work.

    • Karri Says:


      To clarify, I am getting credit I do not deserve. I did not articulate myself correctly the other evening. It is the Haitians and their churches that are sending the planes down. I only make contributions!

      Unfortunately I am not as articulate as you my friend!

  4. Well-I-Declare Says:

    Does this mean that you don’t love me anymore?

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