Saint-Marc. . .

Photo taken in the mountains outside St-Marc. The child was reunited with her mother.

Sifting through the internet this morning it appears that Saint-Marc did escape the earthquake relatively unharmed, however refuges from Port-au-Prince are now flowing in to the city.  The need for supplies in Saint-Marc will be great .  Please give all you can, go to the City of Lake Worth’s website for updated information on how to donate locally.

Here is some of the most recent news of Saint-Marc, gleaned from blogs and news accounts on the internet.

My husband was in St. Marc during the earthquake at Mission Possible with a missions team working on a vocational school. From all the reports I’ve read, though there was shaking, there were no injuries in that area.

I have a child in St.Marc, I am so happy to hear the report there is no injuries there. Praying for all children and people of Haiti. This is so heart wrenching.

Reports from some of the IOM sub-offices have filtered in with staff in the town of St.Marc who visited a local hospital saying that about 50 injured people had come in from Port-au-Prince for treatment. Many people were also looking in the hospital for lost family members. St.Marc was reported to have suffered minor damages and no injuries.

Saint-Marc escaped much of the earthquake damage, but officials there are anticipating an influx of refugees.

A big problem now seems to be the injured from Port-au-Prince who have been sent to hospitals near the orphanage for treatment, Francis said. He saw hundreds outside the hospital in the nearby town of Saint-Marc, waiting for help.

“We have a lot of fractures,” he wrote in an email. “We are running out of meds, I’m on my way to St. Marc [a PIH facility] for supplies.”

Importantly, given the patients already flowing out of Port-au-Prince to St. Marc and our other facilities outside the city, we cannot leave our hospitals understaffed.  So we are recruiting surgeons, anesthetists, nurses, and other medical professionals to travel to Haiti in the next couple of days to help with staffing, particularly as many of our staff have lost family members and friends.

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