Most readers of Tom’s Page like to know what’s going on in our community and many often attend meetings of the City Commission or the volunteer boards.  Having a meeting’s agenda posted at the City website (or in the CRA’s case their own website) is a vital link to the public.  By knowing the agenda you can not only decide if you want to attend but also know what the Commission or a board is working on.

A visit to will inform you that there is a Community Relations Board meeting tonight, however there is no agenda posted for it.  In fact only one agenda has ever been posted for the CRB, December 14, 2009.

Not posting the agenda prior to the meeting shows, at best, poor organization and, at worst, deprives the public of the knowledge of what the board is doing and their ability to make informed comments at the meeting.

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16 Comments on “Shh!”

  1. film critic Says:

    This board would benefit from a change of guard.Parrilla has an inflated sense of self importance with no clue how to run a meeting and even less of a clue on why he has suddenly become Mary Lindsey’s BFF

  2. Mark A. Parrilla Says:

    Tom nice Photochop job, just one question, who’s hand is that? I don’t own a watch that has a black leather band on it.

    Mark A. Parrilla

    • tomspage Says:


      Not sure who the hand originally belonged to.

      One question if I may; Are the agendas being submitted to the City Clerk on Fridays prior to the CRB meetings, but for whatever reason they are not getting posted on the City website?

      If this is the case I will edit the original post, and change the Photoshop.

  3. Mark A. Parrilla Says:

    Tom I have submitted all the agendas to the city. I did email the agenda for yesterday’s meeting Saturday but all of the others have been emailed with enough time for the city to post them on their website. I have a question for you Tom, does it not bother you at all that your photo-CHOP photo insinuates something that is not true? I guess the truth is something that is not that important to some people in this city, I was aware of that, I just didn’t think you were one of them but I stand corrected.

    Mark A. Parrilla

    • tomspage Says:

      Let me get this straight, you e-mailed yesterday’s agenda on Saturday, and all the rest have been sent in by the deadline (which I think is 2:00 Fridays). Yet the City Clerk has only posted the one from December 14? While in the same time frame the other boards and commission meeting agendas (with a few exceptions) seem to have been all posted.

      Wow, this bears looking into, I need to see if I can find out more info up at City Hall since it seems as though there is a conspiracy afoot to keep CRB agendas off the City website.

      Mark I would imagine that you too want to get to the bottom of why the CRB agendas seem to be singled out for not being posted at the website.

      Regarding my photoshop; they represent my opinion and view of a situation.

    • film critic Says:

      There is no truth. There is only perception. (Flaubert)
      In this case I am going to take Tom’s perception as truth. I believe that I have seen you dance between truths Mark, you have chosen the one that serves you the best it seems.

      • Mark A. Parrilla Says:

        Wow this is actually humorous enough to evoke a chuckle.

        Mark A. Parrilla

  4. Karma Says:

    Tom uses humor and photoshop to reveal underlying truths. He always shows concern for the accuracy of the message his graphics depict.

  5. VanishingInk Says:

    It appears to me that Mark Parilla isn’t much interested in why the agendas are not being posted.
    That seems quite odd to me.
    Immediate, swift inquiries are very important here.

    • Mark A. Parrilla Says:

      @Vanishing Ink it’s two r’s in Parrilla. That is the only part of your comment that merits a response, the misspelling of name. Yes name the one I sign to every comment I make on every blog. Grow a pair and try it sometime it’s quite liberating. I find the people hiding behind nicknames on blogs to be pathetic. What have you got to hide? Obviously enough to not want to attach your identity to your expressions.

      Have a blessed day,
      Mark A. Parrilla

      • film critic Says:

        So the bottom line is that you are not in fact interested in why the agenda is not posted? So far I see concern over the fact that you do not own a black watch and how your name is spelled. Now that we have all been set straight on those two issues, do you care to address the real issue?

  6. Mark A. Parrilla Says:

    The bottom line is there is no real issue that I haven’t addressed.

    Mark A. Parrilla

  7. Mark A. Parrilla Says:

    F.Y.I. anyone with any future inquiries will have to approach me in person to get an answer or email me directly because this is one blog that I won’t waste my time reading anymore. If I want to read fiction I will stick to Tom Clancy or Anne Rice.

    Mark A. Parrilla

  8. VanishingInk Says:

    Wow. LMAO! What, is this Parilla guy bipolar or what?

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