That Sinking Feeling. . .

In today’s Lake Worth Herald there is a photo of the houseboat that Tom’s Page posted about on February 8th (click here to read the original post).  The Harald’s photo shows the houseboat close to the seawall  and the last sentence of the caption reads “All was put back in order and no damage to the new facility”.

Tom’s Page went to Bryant Park this morning and found that all was not in order; the boat remains anchored perilously close to the seawall and the company doing the seawall reconstruction is concerned about it continuing to pose a threat.  Gary, from AA Engineering, told Tom’s Page that he had secured the boat himself with a concrete block anchor and some rope when it first drifted to the seawall.  He said that he had to prevent the boat from damaging the wooden forms used to build the cement seawall and expressed frustration that the boat owner has not removed it.

While at the park Tom’s Page ran into a boat with Palm Beach County emblems on the sides of its hull being launched at the ramp.  Speaking to its crew about the situation with the houseboat they said that they were unaware of it but would “make some calls” to see if anything could be done by the county.

After talking with them a Fish and Wildlife Enforcement truck pulled in to the park.  Talking with the officer, who declined to have his photo taken and did not want to be identified, Tom’s Page learned that he was there to check on the houseboat and follow up with its owner, who apparently is a Lake Worth resident.  The officer said that tracking down the owner was difficult due to many of the reasons listed in the original post about the houseboat, namely that it had been sold several times and had not been properly registered.  The officer went on to say that they were actively working on the houseboat in an effort to solve the problem.

He added that they were also investigating the larger sailboat that has sunk off Byrant Park, but were also frustrated in locating its owner, stating the the vessel had been sold at least three times on Ebay before it sank, making identifying its owner almost impossible.

Contrary to what the Herald may lead its readers to believe all is not well in the waters off Bryant Park . While the Fish and Wildlife Commission appears to be on the case it may be some time before Lake Worth’s shoreline is secured from the threat these abandoned and derelict boats pose.

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2 Comments on “That Sinking Feeling. . .”

  1. Wes Blackman Says:

    If this keeps up, perhaps we can establish an underwater shipwreck preserve such as this – Eco-Tourism anyone?

  2. VanishingInk Says:

    Excellent, informative and interesting article, Tom.
    Great job….and thanks!

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