Back To The Future. . .

History is not static, styles morph and sensitivities evolve while never really going away.  When it comes to the beach building, the submission by Lake Worth’s own Living Designs Group fully embraces this concept.  They are best known for designing the Eco Center, and have a proven track record for environmentally friendly and  sustainable buildings.

For their beach building proposal they have teamed with Micheal Singer, who provided the design for redeveloping the property at the beach, resulting in a fresh, visually exciting  and environmentally responsible approach.  Like the Art Deco style of our new downtown Publix, this design is pure Florida and its green features reflect Lake Worth’s commitment to the environment.

Incorporating cisterns to capture rainwater, recirculated exhaust from air conditioner coils will heat the pool, and a recreational garden on the roof will help cool the building while adding  more green space.

Click on image to enlarge.

While green design is important and will result in lower operating costs, it is the design’s architectural style and layout that will attract people and business to Lake Worth’s beachfront.  The west side will now invite passersby to visit with its children’s aquatic play area, new pool entry and clean Art Deco look visible from A1A .

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Recreating the 1920’s casino is appealing, however many of the designs submitted fail to hit the mark and look more like the ubiquitous Mediterranean design than the real thing.  Additionally, the Living Design submission better captures the essence of a city that is able retain the best of the past while at the same time is willing to embrace the future.

Some details of the proposed design:

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5 Comments on “Back To The Future. . .”

  1. Skippy Says:

    Yuck. That’s hideous. How big is the community space? How many designs extended the second level?

  2. Wes Blackman Says:

    More to come regarding the proposals…stay tuned. We need to talk about all these possibilities.

  3. VanishingInk Says:

    It’s disgusting and criminal. So is what’s happening at Bryant Park.

  4. loretta sharpe Says:

    If we are to call the building at the beach Historical it is exactly right. Now I don’t like the existing International Style Building I would have hated it when it was new.But the Faux Mediterranean designs if they can be called that are a slap in the face to historical restoration.You cannot jump backward over more than 60 years. You cannot pretend the existing building has not stood there for over 60 years.Now would I prefer A Mediterranean building to an Art Deco Building. Yes and if we are going to build a new building I will be the biggest supporter. If we are going put a new skin on an old pig lets at least be true to historical guidelines.

  5. Lynn Says:

    There were several architectural firms that were outstanding and that understood what we are looking for here at our LW beach. It is not art deco. It is not a firm that has no experience with historical properties. What we clearly stated in the RFQ was that they have an understanding of the cultural and historical importance of the casino site. To combine the 1920’s and 1940’s look and feel of the site (there is historical importance to both), one firm was tops there-Beilinson Gomez. There are two others that I really liked a lot as well.

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