Shocking. . .

At last night’s City Commission meeting we learned that the City Pool will will be closed indefinitely due to electrical and mechanical problems that have been allowed to deteriorate  to the point of being a health hazard.  Additionally, it was pointed out that the drainage system and the pavers around the pool deck are in dire need of repair.

Given the pool’s recent refurbishment, the City seems to be operating under the “Putty and paint makes it what it ain’t” philosophy.

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6 Comments on “Shocking. . .”

  1. John Says:

    It is really sad that after spending $400,000 to rehab the pool we now have to close it. I can only wonder what the state of the casino building really is with years of neglect. One big storm and we close that too. Talk about losing access to the beach. Looks like Cara will finally get her park up at the beach because that’s all we will be able to afford.

  2. Deloris Says:

    Do you wake up in the morning saying to yourself what can I blame on Cara today?

  3. VanishingInk Says:

    No, “Deloris”. Nobody needs to try and find something to blame Cara Jennings for – it’s blatantly evident everywhere we look, everywhere we go.
    That hag has destroyed our Lake Worth.

  4. Ms. Hayes Says:

    The old Cheif Ben Smith attempted to warn the city about using the same old companies to re-do the pool,he requested to have other companies; that could do the job for less money,a better job and would have guarenteed the work. I know, he was frustrated with this issue,he brought this up in conversation w/me on many occasions. He was frustrated on every level w/the beach and pool…city…It is a ashame, he was forced to resign for expressing his point of view and later trashed by certian people in this city… Ben was aware of the pump and wiring problems. He attempted to get those issues addressed. To no avail..If he was still here today the pool would have been maintained correctly. Providing people listened to him..

    BTW, lmao, vanishing ink!

  5. Ms. Hayes Says:

    He was the Cheif Lifeguard at the pool and beach, at the time the pool was redone. He worked for the city for approx. 8- 10 yrs. as a lifeguaerd. He was the Cheif for approx. 2 yrs. He pretty well ran both areas under the supervision of the city… heck even the Cheif prior to Ben mentioned/complained about the pump.. I have known Ben, since he was a teenager and know; he would never have done any of the things that were said.

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