Splish Splash

The Olympic sized pool at the beach is a white elephant whose time has passed.  Let’s view the entire beach property with 21st century eyes and stop clinging to the past and install features that will attract people and revenue.

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5 Comments on “Splish Splash”

  1. lynnanderson Says:

    Mesa has been tapped to host a national swim meet in 2011. The event is expected to attract over 2,500 swimmers (including former olympians) and is expected to generate over 12,000 room nights in hotels.

    They are estimating that this will generate $1.5 million for the local economy.

    This is only ONE meet. There is a lot of money to be made by hosting national swim meets. That is what the pool was designed to do.

  2. tomspage Says:

    Mesa AZ has 8 public pools with most of them offering water park facilities including water-slides and surfing simulators. Mesa has recently invested millions in upgrading all of their aquatic facilities.

    While a single swim meet may generate impressive revenue an aquatic park will provide more use for residents and a steady, more predictable income stream.

  3. loretta sharpe Says:

    Maybe Lynn, Doesn’t know but we have perhaps 30 rooms that anyone going to a conference or swim meet would rent. The rest of the rooms are in Palm Beach or West Palm Beach.I think maybe we should stop looking at the beach as a hold over to the 1920s.but a profit center for the 2012.It is not illegal, immoral, or fattening to make a profit. If we gave the voters a choice to a pool not making money and other activates that would be used by more people and make money. What do you think they would choose. Let’s not stop at a water slide lets look at a host of things people can use as part of their beach experience.

  4. Steve Says:

    Install features that will attract people and revenue?Isn’t that what the new casino with increased rents and better options for consumers would have provided? That is until we were told by Larry, Lynn and the rest that a real casino with gambling was going to be built. Or was it condos? Don’t forget to add the $500,000 annually the city would have received for doing nothing. The city does nothing now but it’s costing us more. I vote for a water park at the beach and a heroin rehab clinic on the Sunset property.

  5. joanne kelly Says:

    What to do with the pool? Let’s find a way to keep it open and a more attractive site. I confess I am nostalgically connected although not to this pool but to the one dead and buried behind John G’s. Riding my bike over the “little” bridge for 5Am swim practice brings back memories. Belonging to a Lake Worth championship AAU swim team and a relay team that won second place in the nation at a national meet (California beat us) was the highlight of my 7th grade summer. As Janet Dougher Mahoney (of An Old Family Recipe Restaurant in the Towers and mother of Sheriff Mike Mahoney) also a member of the relay team says tho, our greatest achievement was beating the West Palm Beach Team.

    I agree with the obvious – it is 2010 not the fifties and how do we afford to keep one of the possibly only public oceanfront pools still left in the state. How do we afford to keep a vehicle for teaching swimming to countless numbers of children? How do we afford to have an amenity for those using the pool for safe morning exercises? Why can’t we succeed in marketing the pool in a way to keep it alive? Talk about tradition-this one is real. Let’s find a way.

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