Losing It!

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3 Comments on “Losing It!”

  1. Wes Blackman Says:

    That’s it, I’m sending you my dry cleaning bill!

  2. Karri Says:

    OMG, you owe me a glass of wine as I just spit mine out all over the place. WAY funny.

  3. Ms. Hayes Says:

    A single parent point of view: For about 5 yrs I didn’t go to the beach w/ my children (too many/too small to keep track of)and the mear thought of having to drag the WHOLE house with me…diapers/wipes/bottles/diaper bag/playpen/blankets/food/drink & the children etc…Also, the scary thought of losing a child..to the water.

    Now my children are older and need less stuff to go; But, I don’t take them because of, almost stepping on (more than one)used dirty needle in the sand!!

    I just now feel sorry for, the(brave Re:dirty needles) single parent with a couple of children and having to lug all that stuff up that long hill… this design is not convient for all…let not forget the elderly; as well..

    BTW, When Ben Smith work @ the pool and beach I pointed out that the pool area was dangerous and needed a fence seperating the baby pool area and the adult pool area. Once again, too hard for 1 parent to watch multipule children in this area. No money…ect..

    I did point out that a water play area would be great seperate from the pool area (like the fountians downtown W.P.B or @ South Olive Elem…) off to the side in the present green space area.. I know, this would cost more money (just an idea). keep the adult pool for teams etc…

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