One For The Good Guys

File this story under “the last laugh”.

Last week Tom’s Page received this comment on the story we wrote about the pain clinic at 1200 North Dixie Hwy (click here to see);

Mike Says:

February 25, 2010 at 4:08 pm

Wow!!!!!!! You people have alot to learn. You can’t stop a legal business which that is. They treat people in pain so what get a life and worry about why you don’t have any money, maybe its because your to worried about things that don’t effect you like this. To bad your just jealous keep crying you will not make a difference.

The origin of the comment included an address for a pain clinic associated with the one here in Lake Worth along with the name Jeff.  Tom’s page believes that it was sent by Jeff George, who along with family members, owns the clinic at 1200 North Dixie.

This morning, tipped off by a source,  Tom’s Page was alerted to a raid in progress at 1200 North Dixie Hwy.  PBSO cruisers surrounded the building as frustrated drivers in cars with out of state licenses plates were blocked from entering the parking lot.  While news crews set up across the street, FBI agents carried boxes out of the building and loaded them into a waiting truck.

While law enforcement officers were not in a talkative mood, they did tell Tom’s Page that the clinic is closed.  Does that mean forever. . . Care to comment again Mr. George?

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4 Comments on “One For The Good Guys”

  1. Jeff Clemens Says:

    But where will Jeff George get his steroids?!?!?!

  2. pietro Says:

    Good news about bad news, Tom. You have owned this one.

  3. Patti Says:

    Wonderful news for the city. Congrats to the men and women in green. Job well done. Perhaps one thing the Pill Millers didn’t consider is, while our commissioners may often be preoccupied with their own little agendas, Lake Worth is still a small town with very observant residents. We noticed the unusual traffic of out-of-state vehicles (often four deep in front seat, five deep in back) rolling through our streets. The traffic on Second Avenue North in front of Mother Earth grew exponentially during odd times of day. The police department and FBI were able to make a move this quickly because of the vigilance of our residents, not our politicians. It’s an example of real people power. A lesson even for our most “progressive” elected officials. Maybe we could run this city better without them.
    And thanks Tom, for your attention and effort.

  4. Jes Says:

    Seen this morning on my way to breakfast….a big sign hanging from the building on the north side of 10th Ave N & C(?) St. “Chiro PAIN Med”

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