For Sale?

After volunteering at the new Evening On The Avenue (more about that later), Tom’s Page took the long way home and stopped short when we saw these signs.

Care to guess where?

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8 Comments on “For Sale?”

  1. Gael Says:

    I’m guessing the historic Gulfstream Hotel.

  2. Wes Blackman Says:

    It’s the Gulfstream – a historic property that has suffered an economically tortured existence through most of its life.

  3. Lynn Says:

    Let’s get it sold and get Schlesinger out of town. We need a hotel to open.

  4. Luther Says:

    While running certain people out of town has an certain appeal, more productive actions might include: getting rid of an anti development Comp Plan Revision that renders the Hotel non-conforming for lenders and insurers; reducing the crime and blight that repells employers and prospective commercial tenants; changing our branding from a poorly managed and financially bankrupt city; reestablishing rule of law for contracts; etc., lawsuits, etc., the prison on the hill, etc.egging new businesses, etc., hassels with City Hall, etc.

    • Skippy Says:

      What’s goin’ on? Did Stafford shut down his sewer and now those boneheads are gonna stink up this site? That has to be one of the stupidest posts I’ve ever seen here.

      1) We don’t have an anti development comp plan revision. The old comp plan is still in effect, has been for about 8-9 years now.

      2) The Gulfstream is not rendered non-conforming for lenders and insurers. That’s mis-information that you’re apparently not smart enough to research.

      3) Do you have a better idea for reducing crime than the Sheriff? Pray tell, Einstein. Care to guess how many new businesses opened in the city in the last 6 months? Pay attention and you would know.

      4) Our management team has been vastly improved and continues to be upgraded and we are not bankrupt. Pay attention and you would know.

      5) The contracts sucked and we were right to get out of them. Thank god we finally got some commissioners with the courage to do something other than sell us out to the county pimps.

      6) You’re a whiner. Go away. We’re tired of it and we’re moving forward whether you like it or not.

      • Luther Says:

        Sorry for the brevity of my response to you Skippy, but most of your post said nothing or grossly misrepresenred material facts. My response to your “we’re moving forward…..” is that you better have more knowledge in law and finance than you have shown in your understanding to date.

      • Skippy Says:

        Yeah, I have a background in both. Commonly, we support insinuations of “gross misrepresentation of material facts” by doing more than apologizing for being brief.

        Thanks for the laugh.

  5. Sam Says:

    It is a crime, what has been done to the Gulfstream, by the current owner – who I don’t think ever had plans to open it as a historic hotel. I think his goal, all along, was to bully the city into giving him permission to tear it down and build what he wanted.

    Thankfully that didn’t happen, hope the hotel continues as is and is protected and enjoyed for years to come.

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