If you attended Mayor Varela’s State of the City Address you heard him touch on the “Revive Lake Worth” initiative.  Revive Lake Worth focuses on the Economic, Environmental and Cultural sectors of our city that will use citizen and government involvement to jump-start our City’s revival.

Tom’s Page is lending a hand by displaying a few of the early contenders for the logo.

Your input is welcome and needed to make this campaign a success.  So have at it and post your comments.

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5 Comments on “Revive”

  1. Wes Blackman Says:

    The one at the top and the one with the sun (not the fried egg) are my two tops.

  2. Karri Says:

    I like the 2nd from the bottom – the one with the Orange Sun.

  3. Jes Says:

    Am I terrible for thinking that these are all kinda bad? If i had to choose, I would go with the second from the bottom. I also like the green leaf element from the first one.

    • tomspage Says:

      Nope, no reason to feel bad. If you have an idea, send it to me at and I’ll try to work it up. These are really the first run, to stimulate ideas, so let us know what you might like to see!


  4. Luther Says:

    Understanding the positive branding of the Mayor’s suggestion, my concern is that it may be misinterpreted by others as a negative.
    Maybe—-Join In Our Recreating of Lake Worth.
    While the following is wordy, it conveys my thoughts:
    We are joining our 21st Century POC on the West and our Beach on the East, with our 20th Century Historical Residential Neighborhoods, Commercial Architecture and Cultural core.

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