Remind You of Anybody?

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15 Comments on “Remind You of Anybody?”

  1. pietro Says:

    Nix on the context here, Tom. Only ~320 people out of Lake Worth’s ~40,000 pay to read El Heraldo.

  2. gertrude Says:

    I never realized you were so completely planted in the
    the Cabal Camp.

    • film critic Says:

      You are delusional.

      • alice b. Says:

        If it is at all fair to infer anything from your short, apparently accusatory, comment, I would start with this: The thinking you present above is a symptom of Lake Worth’s political pandemic. You may wish to consider whether absolute adherence to the overly factionalized existing order is really a therapeutic prescriptive remedy. Also, whether it is a foundation for the respectful levels of exchange necessary for any lasting conflict resolution.

        Do you feel that Tom Rammiccio owes the community no accounting -literally- for the many circumstances that led to his dismissal at the hands of his own board (not some mythical cabal.) The community at large may actually applaud any lawsuit. It could finally give everyone an opportunity to hear public answers to many public questions, and give open minded people a chance to arrive at an ever more credible conclusion based on the facts.

        History does not suggest that that is Mr. Ramiccio’s intent.

      • Gertrude S Says:

        Alice, although funny, your wordy post has sloppy logic. You seem to have missed the obvious. Rammiccio is calling for an accounting of Commissioner Mulvehill acting in her official capacity. She conducted herself in a manner you might consider divisive and not conducive to lasting conflict resolution.
        While Tom can be as mean spirited and accusatory as he pleases on his blog, your pretentions of appealing to a higher order are clearly hypocritical.

    • film critic Says:

      While Alice may be sloppy, wordy and pretentious, you are .. in short delusional. Perhaps you should challenge Susanne and Cara to a mud wrestling match in the hole that was left in Bryant park and get it over with instead of your silly inane pokes. Perhaps they also caused the housing crash? Lets blame them for your sunny personality while we are at it.

      • Gertrude S Says:

        Gee FC, a little testy tonight. Too bad you didn’t say anything that is factual enough to warrant a response. Of course, people of your ilk would not be enamored with accountability. Does that factious rejoinder ever work in your circles? Your facination with mud is easily understood.
        The other blog reported the Mulvehill delay of Bryant Park’s completion 2 weeks ago. Nobody is surprised—except maybe the Pride Fest people.

    • film critic Says:

      Pride Fest people.. explain? My ilk? So lets get this straight.. you dislike my ilk? Explain my ilk. Amuse us.
      Do you have some facts? Amuse us more, and while you are at it .. tell us about your ilk. We are fascinated.

  3. tomspage Says:

    I comment on issues, not camps. If you have read my blog for any length of time I think you will see all “sides” have had there moment in the sun here.

    • Luther Says:

      Great objective comment Tom.

      I’m sure you will be just as objective at the conclusion of yet another lawsuit brought about by the actions of Jennings, Mulvehill and Golden.

      We certainly have been waiting for your comment on the Smith Property and the Champion Tree issues.

  4. Steve Says:

    How could you not see this blog is a Cabal supporter?

  5. tomspage Says:


    I think you have read my blog long enough to see me post when I thought Jennings, Golden or Mulvehill did something that I thought needed commenting on. Same holds for just about every Commissioner and Mayor in the last year and a half. Plus a bunch of others, Ramiccio in the past as well.

    I have had all “sides” like and not like posts I have made. So I do stand by the statement about issues not sides. Frankly the knee-jerk reaction to label someone a supporter of one side or the other is a major problem in Lake Worth.

  6. John Says:

    Everyone needs to remember that the Chamber is not a governmental agency. It is a private corporation supported by businesses with a board of directors that control. I have no idea why Tom was let go as the board has never disclosed what really happened or why they made the decision they made. I have not read the LWH. I have heard plenty of rumors and where there is smoke there is usually fire. This is not a city issue as far as I am concerned and it is not a political one either. I believe it was a business decision.

  7. Katie Says:

    Well , they were both DICKS.

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