Facts, Overrated?

“I need research to support an OPINION?”

-Lynn Anderson

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6 Comments on “Facts, Overrated?”

  1. Wes Blackman Says:

    And I just showered!

  2. pietro Says:

    i have to wonder what michael ramirez would think of this …

  3. loretta sharpe Says:

    I don’t know where she gets the gall, to say WE decided on Competitive Swimming,or Diving Meets or anything else. Who makes up the We, Lynn and Dennis Dorsey. I know Dennis spent a great deal of time with, and talking to Peter Willard. I know because he shared many of those conservations with me. I don,t remember the residents or even The Commission supporting Lynns plans for our pool.If in fact that was her plan, in order to bring hundreds of people to Lake Worth why has she fought so hard to keep iur only hotel The Gulfstream closed?

  4. John Says:

    I have no faith that our city could run a water park and do it right. With that said, where do we get the money to build a new casino building or fix the old one and create a water park? Did we find the money to fix the pump house? Has anyone considered raising John G’s rent to help cover expenses.

    The one good thing is that we all need to accept the fact that having a beautiful beach casino and park at the beach is good for our city. Now lets figure out how to pay for it.

    What about a giant ferris wheel at the beach. You could ride the wheel and see views of the entire county and coastline. What about a sky ride from downtown to the beach? I have a dream…

  5. pietro Says:

    I am waiting to see how even handed the moderator is when levying the requirement for research in support of pipe dreams opinions on this blog.

    While altitude does offer a compelling vantage point it would seem elemental to consider the ability of such structures to withstand gale force winds, oceanside accelerated corrosion, and other operational and maintenance issues. Not to mention cost revenue projections.

    It is a wonder that John worries about how to pay for the things ‘we’ have decided upon, and then proceeds to suggest absurd creative additional amenities. Perhaps we should use eminent domain to condemn everything east of Federal Hwy for pennies on the dollar and sell it to Dubai for the largest amusement park south of … Orlando!

    One can only hope that his head doesn’t explode; this time from his own self induced feedback loop.

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