Early Sign. . .

Tom’s Page spotted this sign on Dixie Highway.  Carla Blockson  announced back in February that she intended to run for the district 2 seat on the City Commission.  The sign is conspicuously missing the usual requirements of the position the candidate is running for or that it is a paid political advertisement.

Ms. Blockson is currently the vice chair of the Community Relations Board.  Even though she does not have to resign from the CRB until she qualifies as a candidate in August it is unsettling that she chooses to remain vice chair while apparently actively campaigning.

While the wording of the rule is on her side, the spirit of the rule is clearly to avoid conflicts of interest.  It would put her in a better light if she followed the spirit of the rule.

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  1. film critic Says:

    This is a sign of the kind of commish she would be. She has figured out how to skirt around the rules.. just toes the line but it willing to compromise ethics to get what she wants. Technically the sign does not say Carla for commissioner so it does not need a disclaimer, and technically she does not need to step down from the board even though there is a clear conflict of interest. ON TOP OF THAT Carla is not smart enough to figure all of this out, so she is being directed by someone behind the scenes. Too bad. She’s a tool.

    • pietro Says:

      wow. while many may certainly appreciate film critic’s frustration with Blockson’s apparently successful early maneuvering its hard to figure how this is an indication of Blockson’s lack of intelligence; she is at least smart enough to have wiley advisors.

      in lieu of fc’s more typically trenchant analysis my advice is simmer donna, or writ short, give it a [dema]rest.

      flying off the handle with weak critique will only strengthen “their” hand and embolden their play. if blockson is a tool the question is one of who’s tool is she? perhaps the gusano unchartered strong mayor and his minion? why not then put the pressure where it belongs: on dolphin boy the mayor by asking him publicly what he thinks of Blockson maintaining her position as vice-chair while campaigning earlier than the spirit of the ordinance tom mentions ever envisioned; and see how he likes bearing responsibility for Blockson’s zealous ambition.

      report that commissioner “do-you-believe-Obama-expects-people-to-not-believe-he’s-a-muslim” maxwell left the dias in the middle of tuesday’s meeting to hold hands in city hall’s lobby with candidates Blockson and Maxwell[lisa] in a moment of solidarity.

      fc, if its scary then scare people with it. unless, of course you just want to be everybody’s friend while others do the dirty work. [cue steely dan.]

  2. Gaea Says:

    Oh, you mean I can declare my intent to run for a specific commission seat and then hang signs with my campaign logo all over town and it’s ok if they’re oversized and they don’t identify the office and they don’t have a disclaimer? Heh heh heh . . .

  3. Lynn Anderson Says:

    Where is this sign? Does not the establishment need a sign permit? Surely this is illegal. But hey, we don’t follow rules in this city anyway.

  4. loretta sharpe Says:

    YES !!!!!

  5. loretta sharpe Says:

    Sorry I was answering Gaea. You can put up a sign just saying your name. As Lynn says you need a permit,and we don’t not have to follow the rules. My question would be why do candidates have to give up thier positions on boards anyway?
    I would guess would be she is looking to increase her name recognition. How many people do you think know she is running for office.

  6. John Says:

    Cara Jennings violates ethics laws, calls a local business owner to try to stop a fund raiser for a candidate she is against, backs a rally on City property to call that same candidate a racist and now someone has a coplaint about playing by the rules should I say the “spirit of the law”. Give me a break!

  7. Steve Says:

    Good point John. She also tried to stop the new Publix from opening. I’m suprised Jenning’s jackoffs couldn’t wait until Blockson officially announces she’s running before they start attacking her. Blockson a tool? Maybe she’s just a concerned citizen that wants to see the quality of life in the city improve. What’s it going to be this time around? She’s a pimp, has a substance abuse problem or she’s a racist? It’s going to be interesting what attacks they use on one of the few really good people that live in Lake Worth, but I’m sure they’ll think of something.

  8. loretta sharpe Says:

    Let me tell you about the Blocksons I know.Carla was instramental in Project Graduation she raised money to assure that every High School Graduate who went to the graduation party had a gift and were locked in for the night. I remember going as a Kiwanian out to the Fair Grounds it was hotter than h— and the concert was some horrible blasting noise.We were selling drinks to raise money for Project Graduation Paul and Carla were at every concert making the grand total of 5 cents a drink.After I have asked their permission I will write about their involment with foster children.I can hardly wait for someone to call her any of the names listed above. Carla hasn´t just become active to run for office. Her good deeds go back for many, many years.

    • John Says:

      It’s time that good people should not be afraid or intimidated to run for office and serve their community. It’s up to all of us to expose the lies and focus on truth and answers to some of the big problems facing this city. Cara’s “social experiment” asyou like to call it Loretta is better left fo another town closer to Quatemala.

  9. This is the very reason that I stopped reading any of the local blogs except for Wes Blackman’s. I got a call from a friend today asking me if I had seen this latest post on this blog and I hadn’t, but after it was read to me here I am. I am not surprised that this hypocritical spin is being put on this topic. Our commissioners vote on policy; not members of VOLUNTEER boards that don’t make policy and amount to not much more than an organized form of public comment. In other words there is no REAL conflict of interest. We, the members of the CRB cannot implement policy we can ONLY advise, ergo the name ADVISORY board. I guess if Carla should resign because of this ghost or “spirit” of the law than I guess this same “spirit” should haunt the commissioners that plan to run for re-election. They should resign from their seat while they campaign or it’s a conflict of interest?!?! Get real people. Some of you I guess will never cease with this nonsense. This is exactly why we have had the lack of true QUALIFIED leaders on our commission because they have seen what some of the residents do to people who really care about it. I am glad she has decided to stay on the CRB until August, she will be missed when she leaves. I pray that three months after she resigns from the CRB she will be sitting as much needed addition to our board of commissioner!

    Best Wishes,
    Mark A. Parrilla

    • Actually, we do have TRUE, QUALIFIED leaders on our Commission. They just need to take back the “lead.” In fact, Mark, they appointed you to the CR Board, Cara Jennings being one of them. What about a little loyalty here..a little gratitude. How was that for ability? Why not ask Bart Cunningham if he has a sign permit for the Blockson sign on his building. I believe he is an owner of it.

  10. Bart has 30 days Lyn. You have lived in this City longer than I, you should know that. In my book Lyn loyalty is earned and not given. As for gratitude that works both ways. They should be grateful they have a group of residents who volunteered to be elected to this board. They have done nothing for us to be grateful for. It’s there job Lyn to create boards that will HELP THEM DO THEIR JOB. The same three you speak of put a lot of effort to verbally discredit the qualifications of the CRB when they were playing their political game giving a close friend a job that had never been publicly posted for anyone else in the City to apply for. There are residents that ’till this day say how bad they felt for Me, Carla and Herman that day as they witnessed Cara, Joann and Suzanne put quite a bit of effort into the vicious banter they dished out at us at that meeting.

    Cara called me at the crack of dawn one morning strongly suggesting I had to attend this press conference to speak out against a “white supremacist” candidate running for a commission seat in our city who was aligned with organized hate groups. When I arrived at the cultural plaza and I approached Cara and asked her what I was tasked to do she said Mark ask someone else since it can’t appear that I have helped orgranize this, but she had, SHE CALLED ME AND ASKED ME TO BE THERE. She also called me and urged me to call the owner of Nature’s Way giving me his name and number and asking me to tell him to cancel Scott Maxwell’s fundraiser or I would boycott his place of business. I told her I had never been there in the first place but that didn’t seem to matter. Lyn you want to give your loyalty and gratitude away you go right ahead it yours. You can keep that righteous indignation and save it on a shelf until it gets dusty while I save my loyalty and gratitude for those who have earned it and respect it and are loyal and grateful in return. Have a wonderful weekend Lyn. You show me more and more, at ever turn, just why so many people hold you in such high esteem in our fine City!

    Best wishes,
    Mark A. Parrilla

    • film critic Says:

      Interesting that the person chairing a board that is supposed to be involved with conflict resolution is so incapable of managing his own conflict and engages publicly in banal bantering.
      Get back on the meds Mark.. and until then step down and let this board have a chance of doing something… anything that is productive.

      Your leadership skills are sorely lacking, if you are leading by example all is lost. Do not fool yourself, you are one of the sheep easily led. Don’t blame others for your lack of ability to actually research things before you act.

      Have a good day.. and go back to only reading Wes Blackman’s blog.. you are safer there.

      • pietro Says:

        Now, that’s the film critic I know and love!

        Equally interesting that the chair of the CRB considers it ok to endorse a candidate for office, an explicitly political act in and of itself. Oh well, I’m not going to make an argument against free speech.
        As someone once told me they heard Mark A. Parrilla say -repeatedley- in a meeting, “That may not be unethical, but it is inappropriate.”

      • @Film Critic thank you your suggestions. They will be given the merit they deserve. I have placed those suggestions on a shelf and when I run out of the bags I use to curb my dogs I will have something worthy of cleaning up after them!

  11. John Says:

    Thanks Mark for telling us the truth about Cara Jennings. Cara has done a great deal to keep the big divide in this city causing good people like Lynn to look the other way when she pushes her agenda so long as they get her vote for the cause they are pushing for. As our property values fall and business goes elsewhere Cara smiles. She has actively supported her own interests above the interests of this city. It is sad to think that Lynn and her friends will be holding Cara signs this fall. We really need to kick these guys out of office and rebuild the tax base of our city or we are finished. No one wants big buildings and developer giveaways. We need balanced developement and people without a social agenda on the commission.

    • Gaea Says:


      How exactly do you propose we “rebuild the tax base”?

      And if “no one wants big buildings and developer giveaways” then why do we have big buildings and why did we sell prime downtown parcels to developers for less-than-market price at the height of the market?

      The people who support Jennings’ opponent are the people who thought the Lucerne was a great project and made it happen. They were on the CRA board that voted for the Lucerne to be built.

      What exactly are Blockson’s credentials? According to Mr Parilla’s drivel, she’s a nice person. So what? What does she stand for? Besides enriching her husband at the taxpayer’s expense?

  12. Actually, Mark, it would be a good idea to resign from this Board. You should be bringing people together. Instead, you are one of the most divisive board members ever in the history of Lake Worth. Stay out of politics and just do what is right for ALL the people you represent, not just your chosen few. And John, you are right–we do not want tall buildings in this city. Property values have fallen all over the country so let’s blame all of that on Jennings too! When I vote this Fall, it will be for the MOST qualified person for the job, not any other reason, John. You are the pity for jumping to erroneous conclusions.

    • Lyn,

      If you are suggesting I resign from the Community Relations Board than I know I am doing the right thing by staying on. It would behoove you not to waste your suggestions on me. If there are people who can “lead” me in this City you are not one of them. I choose to follow suggestions or advice or incorporate ideas of people who’s opinion, intellect and demeanor I admire and nothing personal Lyn but you are not one of those people. I do respect you as I do everyone whether I disagree with them or not. I am not involved in politics, I am not nor will I run for office. As for doing what is right for the people I represent, including myself…THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I AM DOING…just because you don’t agree doesn’t make it “not right”. You do such a disservice to any cause you advocate for. Maybe a yoga or meditation class MIGHT help you.

      Mark A. Parrilla

  13. John Says:

    We don’t want tall buildings in this city. We want nice business people that don’t work for big companys, little mom and pop shops. The fact is our city makes it impossible for the little business guy to make it. Electric and water rates are out of this world for small business. Insurance, taxes and code regulations cost us even more. So we have empty stores and commissioners who do nothing. Instead they open day labor centers and try to save the environment. I hear that 27 cents of every utility dollar we pay goes back into the general fund. That’s a tax. The Lucerne is history and so are the downtown giveaways. Unless we work together this city is going to come to an end as we are broke and getting more broke every day. Cara will not save you guys but she will see that you property is worth nothing by the time she is done giving this city to the illegals. She has been in office 4 years and you still can’t see her agenda has nothing to do with the viability of this city. Wake up the old developer crowd is enjoying watching you fall apart as the money runs out. The moderates in this city need to take back control and balance this city so that all of us can see it get back to what it should be. Nice clean neighborhoods with business and commerce supporting the tax base. Why is it so hard for us to see that?

  14. “you guys?” What exactly does that mean? It is the good ole boy network that did the damage to the city of Lake Worth. Get real. Illegal immigration is one issue for which I am totally against. Socialism is something I abhor. I guess you only read and understand subjectively.

  15. John thank you for for sharing your thoughts of clarity, intelligence and common sense but the same does not apply to you Lyn. I hate to disappoint you and several others who would love to see me quit and resign from the CRB but no luck. I am not a quitter. I will be there as Chair until 7/31/2012 at which time I will reapply and I will stay on the CRB until a commission comes along that chooses not to appoint me any longer. If telling the truth is divisive to you, than I guess in your eyes I will always be divisive due to my telling the truth. Frankly Lyn your opinion of me is as relevant to my life as the price of Pork Lo Mein in Bejing. I will however save your opinion of me on a shelf in my garage so when I run out of Charmin I will have something to wipe my a** with! I won’t however do what you have become a professional at doing and that is create my own reality and scream it from the mountain tops as fact when it is not. I would not want to encroach on your territory. Besides I have yet to see anyone in this City do that better than you!

    Mark A. Parrilla

  16. John Says:

    You guys are the folks that voted for Cara knowing full well the damage she has caused and will cause because she votes your way on “some issues”. You also voted for Golden knowing what she has done. The good old boy network has moved on Lynn. What you are left with are some very unhappy people who can’t sell their homes and are now mad as hell. They intend to take this city away from Cara, Golden and Mulvehill our progressive socialist leaders. Cara has an army of socialists waiting to take over. You guys turn a blind eye to all that. By the way, you supported all of them. So on one had you “abhor socialism” and are against illegal immigation but you support those commissioners who do not. This is where you lose me. Your fear of developers needs to be moderated with a more balanced look at the reality of this city. A successful city needs a balance of economic goals. We have lost that. Go figure!

    • pietro Says:

      Yikes, John. Maybe Lorna trimmed your hair a little to tight!

    • Gaea Says:

      geez, I guess since it’s Cara’s fault that home prices have crashed all over the country and sales have fallen through the floor, it’s also her fault that people paid 500% too much for their homes in the bubble.

      According to the PB Post this morning, new home sales are up 43% in the southern region (FL included)over Feb 2010 and 18% over Mar 2010. Can Cara take credit for that too??!!

      Oh, and that volcano thing . . . Cara’s fault.

  17. @Film Critic I have no problem disappointing you too; with a smile as I do it to boot. It will be an unfulfilled desire for all of those who wish to see me resign as Chair of the CRB. No one can take the credit for the path I choose. What a simpleton to believe that someone can lead me if it is not where I want to go. I understand your point of view though and it is actually encouraging for me because it seem to coincide with the fact that a “regime” change is immanent and I can’t wait for the celebration parties. I have actually offered my Solar Sanctuary as a place for a meet and greet for both Carla Blockson and Jeff Clemens too. Someone obviously told you about that because if you would have been there you would have known I was referring to Cara Jennings disruptive behavior at one of the CRB meetings. I will repeat here for all to witness Her behavior may have not been unethical, but it is inappropriate. Let me know if you need clarification on anything else. LOL! Check the public record if your savvy enough that will keep you entertained the rest of the weekend. I decided to break my policy of not acknowledging anonymous postings but you won’t be worth it twice. Opinions without named authors to claim and stand behind them are like a flatulent in an elevator that no one fesses up to. They are just about as stinky too!

    • Gaea Says:

      Can’t you post without referencing your bowels? You sound very immature, not like the kind of person who should be leading a city board. What a shame.

  18. katie Mcg Says:

    Tom,you are 100% right . Whats next? I think I might run for Commission in the next ten years,so I’ll put my name on a sign. Nothing else. Just my name.And I’ll put it up now, so that ten years from now your brains will have been conditioned to say “Oh, I recognize that name” . I’ve seen it around town for the last ten years ! How much will someone have to have to even RUN in Lake Worth? 500,000 for the signs alone? This whole thing is kind of slimy.Carla, if your signs are going up, you should step down.

  19. John Says:

    The home prices in Lake Worth have fallen to some of the worst levels in the entire county. Prices in Riveria Beach are not as low as here. You can now buy houses in some of our neighborhoods for less than $40,000. No one wants to live next to a house filled with 20 men who get drunk and piss on your lawn. You can thank Cara for that. We have taken a far bigger hit than most cities and we will be the last to come back. That’s why you taxes are going up and you can’t afford your utilities and why no one wants to buy a home here.

    • Gaea Says:


      That’s probably because Riviera Beach doesn’t have entire neighborhoods of 900 SF houses on 25 ft lots. Maybe you didn’t consider that. I’m not sure if Commissioner Jennings had anything to do with that, I think it happened sometime before she was born. But perhaps you’ll find some way to blame her.

      Several posts ago I asked you to tell me how you think we should rebuild our tax base (you do know that LW is pretty much built out, right?). You’ve yet to respond to that question. Do you have a response or not?

      I also asked what does this person Carla Blockson stand for? What are her credentials? She works hard and loves kids, right. that’s nice. She’s on a city board. That’s good too, I guess. What does this board do? What has she actually accomplished? Is she successful at anything? Does she have leadership qualities? Can you give examples?

  20. 189 days left of this mess and then we can get back on the road to progress and recover from the nightmare of an experiment gone awry.

    @Gaea is this post better for you? By the way I didn’t reference my bowels. Polish up your reading comprehension whoever you are.

  21. Jeff Says:

    Mark has always been one confused small minded, little guy. He is used to biting the hand that feeds him.

  22. There is NO ONE in this City that can say they have fed me in any way and I do mean figuratively as I am sure that is what Jeff meant. Several have taken me out to breakfast/lunch/dinner and I would not want to appear as ungrateful to those, they know who they are. There is no one that has anything I hunger for that is for sure. I have what I want in my life and then some. I am grateful for my many blessings. Jeff your feeble attack barely raised my heart rate, you have to come stronger than that you should know me by now!

    Happy Sunday!
    Mark A. Parrilla

  23. Steve Says:

    Gaea you ask what Ms. Blockson’s credentials are. After 4 years of your girl Cara does the next candidate really need any credentials? Your girl’s credentials seem to be getting arrested and making a public fool of herself for protesting, and as Mr. Parrilla pointed out, hiding in the shadows making secret phone calls and heading up smear campaigns against Varela and Maxwell because she knew they have different visions for the city. Yet she headed up the campaign for Mulvehill who without a doubt is the dumbest elected official after your boy Drautz. Almost forgot, add to her credentials the ability to break contracts that have resulted in lawsuits the city has to defend. There may be some people that need and want to blame Cara for everything but the bottom line is that there are more middle class, blue collar working people that Cara has intentionally given the finger to as she tends to her own personal agenda. You know, the people that pay property taxes and maintain their homes. Interesting that Jenning’s jagoffs are so hostile towards Parrilla considering she hand picked him for her little board only to find out he has little use for her credentials. She certainly ordered her little anarchists to attack him regulary, didn’t she? We’ll see what your girl’s credentials are after she’s voted out. It may not be this year but eventually she will be and she’ll be completely unemployable, the same way she was before she called a previous opponent a pimp.
    And leave poor Lynn Anderson alone. She’s against illegals but continues to carry the water for the commissioners that helped make Lake Worth a sanctuary city. She’s against public give aways but she carries the water for the commissioners that refuse to close down the illegal center that was taken away from her friends. She’s against socialism but continues to carry the water for socialism based commissioners. She’s just a confused foolish person who after many years in Lake Worth still can’t see or understand the “good ole boys” that she’s always referring to are actually the others she carries the water for- Exline, Dorsey, and the rest who were actually running the city before during and after it’s slow decent into the poorest city in eastern Palm Beach County. They were the ones that ingnored the condition of the beach casino 20 years ago, they’re the ones that attack qualified candidates resulting in idiots like Drautz and Mulvehill and Jennings getting elected. The real “good ole boys”.

    • KUDOS to you Steve for having the courage to not only tell it EXACTLY like it is but to sign your name to it. Steve I only disagree with you on one point “It may not be this year…” Hold your tongue! IT WILL BE THIS YEAR if enough of us do everything in our power to assure that. Sign up to volunteer on Carla and Lisa’s websites! Talk to your neighbors and friends, to anyone who will listen, we can take our City back! The property owning, law abiding, tax paying, responsible renters, responsible business owners, responsible artists, have to not only want to change what we have allowed to creep up on us but be willing to do something about it!

      Awaiting November,
      Mark A. Parrilla

    • Gaea Says:

      Sorry, I only scanned your rant. But I didn’t see any credentials or qualifications. Thanks for your reply.

      • Gaea you will be able to witness her qualifications in her performance after November when she is elected Commissioner of District #2. If you can type http://www.carlablockson.com you can see the PAGES of her REAL credentials and REAL qualifications. The people are ready for a positive change, ready for someone who realizes that seat is not to promote a personal agenda but to respond to the needs of the tax paying, law abiding constituents of that District and the rest of the City. Thank God, it about time!

        Happy Tuesday,
        Mark A. Parrilla

  24. John Says:

    Thanks Steve for telling it like it is. I find that people in this city are still complaining about the Lucerne when for all intense and purposes Rome is burning. They are still complaining about big development while our tax base falls to poverty levels and our utility is falling apart. The real issues that we all need to fight to fix are not mentioned. This is just what Cara and her gang want people to do. It should be amazing to hear Cara tell the public all the good things she has done for this city at the next debate. It’s the “Emperor Has No Clothes” all over again. Do you think the voters are finally waking up to these lies?

  25. Dale Says:

    Gaea, with statements like—-That’s probably because Riviera Beach doesn’t have entire neighborhoods of 900 SF houses on 25 ft lots—–you would be well advised to not stear the thread to qualifications.

    • Gaea Says:


      Not sure what you mean . . . but thanks for the “advice”! My response to John was addressing his comment about home prices right now. Most other municipalities don’t have the small homes on 25′ lots that we have. Not to mention, very old housing stock. Sure, there’s other reasons, but those quickly came to mind.

      I still contend that Mrs Blockson really has no qualifications to be commissioner, after looking at her website. It’s nice that she would “allow” a bond issue to be voted on, especially since the law requires that a bond issue go to vote. Maybe her slogan should be “Vote for Carla cuz I’m not Cara”! That seems to be the only “credential” you all can come up with. How’d that work for you last time??

      • Dale Says:

        Gaea, the quote you don’t recognize is your own. What better example of not knowing what you are talking abour OR is it that you will say anything to back Cara, even though it has no basis in fact?

  26. Anonymous Says:

    This “Carla Blockson” lady would be the final blow to Lake Worth. As though things are not bad enough already…her getting voted in would kill us all.
    As a side note: here’s yet one more piece of disgusting drivel from the mouth of wanna-be-somebody Parilla: ” I will however save your opinion of me on a shelf in my garage so when I run out of Charmin I will have something to wipe my a** with!”
    This bent-on-using-your-real-name-on-the-internet pipsqueak just won’t ever grow up.

    • Another coward throws his/her dribble into the ring, how quaint. At this rate I will never have to buy Charmin again! Pipsqueak? How original your mastery of the English language is impressive!

      Yours truly,
      Mark A. Parrilla

  27. Steve Says:

    Mr. or Ms. anonymous Please explain how this Carla Blockson lady would be the final blow to Lake Worth. How will she kill us all? By voting against PBSO? By refusing to work with PBSO because of some petty personal issues? By demanding code enforcement back off from condeming dangerous death trap homes just so the poor people have a place to live? With Cara’s ability to organize her unemployed anarchist friends why hasn’t she ever organized anything to help all residents of the city? The last thing she organized was threatening a small business owner and a rally to accuse someone of being a racist. That’s great work.
    Gaea you’re the one that brought up credentials. Just list Cara’s credentials before she was elected and four years later.

    • Cara and Annabeth tried to recruit me to run for District #1 in the last election. When I asked “why me” she stated she didn’t want to loose her 3 to 2 advantage on the dias. She made the mistake of thinking like several of her followers on here that I could be lead about like a lemming…NOT! AH YES I am sure this comes as a surprise to several of her loyal supporters on here who say I have a small mind, lacking in leadership skills, need meds, etc. well ask your fearless leader why she tried SO HARD to recruit me to run for District #1. Ah and the sweet thing about it all is I have proof. The iPhone is a wonderful tool. I can’t wait for the denial, if there is one, I will be able to prove unethical behavior. Lying is still unethical right? I am not sure because in this City breaking Federal law is no longer illegal it is just called undocumented! LOL! This will be a very interesting election year!

      to be continued,
      Mark A. Parrilla

      • Jose Says:

        Have you ever broken the law, Mark? Don’t lie now. Court records are a wonderful tool, too.

  28. Sadie Says:

    Mark’s not running for office

    • Sadie, this is typical of them when someone speaks out against them with FACTS. Feeble attempts at character assassinations when they are running scared. Not too original though I don’t think it will work this time around and it’s about time!

      Mark A. Parrilla

      • film critic Says:

        wait .. so you are saying that this is character assassination not fact? Are you sure?? I mean really really sure?

  29. @Film Critic how long should I wait? Fact or not, it is irrelevant because I am not running for office or applying for a job and everything else I have involved myself in in this City does not require me to be asked or have to answer that question. Why don’t you ask the PBSO where I am attending the Citizen’s Academy and anyone with serious felony charges cannot attend because they run background checks on all who are attending. I actually am flattered at all of your attentions. That is ALL I NEED TO BE SURE OF! REALLY SURE! Next…

    Mark A. Parrilla

    • Jose Says:

      That must be another Mark A. Parrilla with the shady rap sheet then. Well, it’s not too late for the Model Citizen Mark A. Parrilla to run for city commission!

  30. Steve Says:

    Still waiting on Gaea to list Cara’s credentials. I’ll give you a break. Instead of listing a bunch of drivel just give us 1. Based on the no basis in fact crack looks like Dale knows who Gaea is.
    “How’d that work for you last time??” Ride your bike around the city, focus on Cara’s district look for run down dilapidated properties, vacant stores, abandoned homes, drunks in the street, and scared residents. This is what Cara and her supporters want. I would say it worked out poorly for everyone except Cara and her supporters. Wouldn’t you?
    Still waiting for Mr. or Ms. Anonymous to enlighten us with how this Carla Blockson is going to kill Lake Worth. Is that some kind of death threat? You guys are like shooting fish in a barrel. That’s not meant as a death threat Gaea.

  31. The Plan Says:

    Cara and and Mulvehill: tell everybody that Lisa and Carla are in the pockets of the big ugly developers waiting to come into our city and take it over. They will build every where and our neighborhoods will be destroyed. Our downtown will have 80 story buildings and the beach will become a private resort for the rich. Our citizens will have to swim in the canals off I95. Lake Worth will have a shopping mall that is just for the rich. Old people will be sent away and you will be arrested if you look poor. Save our neighborhoods and city from the evil developers that will come if these ladies are elected. Keep us and we stay the city for the poor,homeless,illegals and all you nuts that believe this bull that has been spread around for years. Wake up folks this city is on it’s last leg with leadership like Cara and her gang.

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