The Golden Door. . .

More than 100 in Lake Worth protest Arizona’s new immigration law. Click here to read Palm Beach Post article.

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18 Comments on “The Golden Door. . .”

  1. Wes Blackman Says:

    I think she should start doing her hair like that…

  2. Jeff Says:

    These are illegals

  3. Jes Says:

    HA! I didn’t even notice Jo-Ann’s face. Nice job, Tom.

  4. pietro Says:

    imho, this is the best art tom has put up in a while.
    No doubt many will delight in and many will deride commissioner golden’s, and others’, participation in this event. tom’s art leaves his position somewhat guarded, which strengthens … well, tom’s art.

    as for wes, his position remains unknown outside of his inability to not make everything into a swipe at successful candidates for the city commission. at least we were spared yet another entry from his frequently self-referential encylopedia scatalogia.

    i am supportive of the spirit of this demonstration, and applaud those who participated; even though i was unable to attend, and despite the fact that this will put me at odds with several people i consider friends.

    it seems to me short sighted -in many areas of thought- to get hung up on the adjective ‘illegal.’

    i would ask, historically, if it’s not true that many who entered this country, by many means, did not engage in illegal acts prior to, in the course of, or after their entry? (e.g., the families of many political leaders made fortunes during prohibition; from jfk to palin.)

    when did we become a one-strike-and-you’re-out-forever society? why is it that our facility to create an ‘other’ is so frequently correlous to their financial means?

  5. This is just too good to resist. No one is talking against immigrants. What the problem is here is that an estimated and possible 23 million of them have crossed our borders without going through the proper process. Do it legally and I, along with the majority of Americans, will not have a problem. Trying to debate the progressive, liberal and even Socialistic rhetoric on this topic is ridiculous. Just immigrate legally. No one is getting hung up on the word “illegal” other than Ms. Golden and possibly all other open border people. In the meantime, all of you liberal thinkers out here, please pay the tab for all the rest of us who demand a legal process. Ok, now, cough up the $$$BILLIONS that this country has already paid. As far as people not taking a stand on this subject or any other in this in this City (other than height limits), who’s surprised?

  6. loretta sharpe Says:

    It is not often that I agree with Lynn Anderson about
    anything. However when it comes to Illegal Immigrants, I could not agree more.Can you imagine what our schools, hospitals and nieghborhoods would be like if only legal immigration was the law of the land. No I am not a racists. I have a vacation home in Costa Rica and a business. I follow everyone of thier immigration laws and they are many.Including the one that says I cannot take a job a Costa Rician can do.

    • Jose Says:

      Hola? If the people crossing into the US had vacations homes here or in Costa Rica, they would probably follow all the rules here, too.

      And if you want to pick coffee in Central America for $1/day, 10 hours a day, the governments there would probably let you. No problema.

      Oh..and if the target population was white/gray hair rather than brown skin, maybe you would be a bit more concerned about racial profiling.

      Americans are constantly crossing borders illegally….we just do it with armies and tanks and a superior attitude.

      • gato do mato Says:

        Lets try it this way Loretta. We all know that as people age eyesight diminishes, reflexes slow down and .. ability to think clearly can be hindered. So now there is a new law. If you have gray or white hair you can be pulled over arbitrarily, and be made to get out of the car and take an eye test, and asked a few questions at road side to make sure that you are not a hazard on the road. .. I mean you could kill someone and lets face it, there are many older people that absolutely should not be behind the wheel.

        So now every time you go out in your car this could be you on the side of the road. First, lets hope you are not going somewhere important because you are going to be late. Second lets hope that no one sees you going through this because it probably will be slightly humiliating, third, lets hope you are not having a senior moment because if you are you will lose your license. Think that would stress you out a little bit? Think it is fair? Well it was done to protect the public because the division of motor vehicles does not do its job by requiring the elderly to take a driving test every year after the age of 65 so this agism and profiling is there to protect people like me who may be riding a bike.. and frankly we don’t want to be a victims because the DMV is not doing its job.

        So now you have tested OK and you are cool to drive.. however you still have that white hair which means that this could happen to you weekly. Think you would get sick of it? It is absolutely illegal to drive if you don’t have the correct glasses on, if your vision is failing how is the general public to know and how are we to be protected? Only one answer. Stop all the gray haired people and just check them. Age profiling. Unconstitutional? Maybe but what about the fact that you could be killing others?

        Its not illegal to have brown skin and its not illegal to drive with white hair. Brown skinned people could be illegal and white haired people could be hazardous on the road. One “could” take a job illegally… and one “could” kill someone. Which one should be profiled?

      • Jeff Says:

        It must have taken you a long time to write all that tripe, gato.

  7. Loretta, if you thought hard enough, I am rather sure you could come up with several things on which we agree.

  8. John Says:

    If you enter this country without governmental approval you have committed a crime. What you did is illegal. Why is that OK? Why would Golden, Cara and Mulvehill ask us to ignore the law and even support using our tax dollars to support the violation of our laws? Many of these illegal immigrants refuse to speak English and have no intention of staying in our country. Some want to become citizens. The issue is what do we do as a small city with no resources to handle a mess created by the Federal government. Golden told us to get use to living in a ghetto and it seems her real interests is not the legal citizens of our city but the illegals. She needs to go.

  9. Dale Says:

    Chris, your Logic and Ethics grade must have been a low F. To propose that illegal actions are acceptable because they has been done before, including by families of Presidents, is a true perversion of linear reasoning as well as intellectual dishonesty.

  10. John, you have jumped to a false assumption. Commissioner Mulvehill has NEVER supported illegal immigration. She did vote for The Mentoring Center as did Jeff Clemens and most of the commission at that time because they were told that there had to be such a place in order for the police/sheriff to stop the picking up of day laborers on the streets. She has never supported illegal immigration. I just wanted to clear that up. Thanks.

  11. John Says:

    Mulvehill was a big supporter of Cara’s racist protest last year against Scott Maxwell. She was at the protest and told me that Lake Worth is now controlled by a “progressive” government which does not support racist views on illegal immigration. She fully backs Cara Jennings proposals when it comestothe illegals and code enforcement. Now that she is up for reelection she may want to forget her appearance at that protest. I am sure she was told to be there by Ms. Jennings. I have yet to hear Mulvehill say anything against the views of Golden or Cara when it comes to this issue.

  12. John, I will definitely ask her about this. I know that she went to the Cultural Plaza because she was alerted about this protest that she did not support. On another note, I have never heard Maxwell or Varela come out against any views in this regard of Golden and Jennings. The Commission, as well as the public at large, avoids the topic.

  13. Dale Says:

    Lynn, it is my understanding that Commissioner Mulvehill called a number of Haitian leaders that wouldn’t take Commissioner Jennings’ call for invitations to the rally. Your question to her about that should speak directly to the point.
    I have always believed that the failure of the Illegal Day Labor Center was the lack of thrust of the illegals for Commissioner Jennings. That was why the majority didn’t frequent the center.

  14. Fu Kiu Says:

    HAH! You all so superior now. But in 5 years, we take over world and profile all round eyed people.

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