Who’s Going To Clean Up This Mess?

Kudos to Commissioner Jennings for taking the initiative and doing the groundwork to investigate Sun Recycling and its impact on our residents.

Click here to read Willie Howard’s article in the Palm Beach Post; Palm Beach County Commissioner Priscilla Taylor is scheduled to meeting with with residents of the Osborne Community on Monday at 6:30 p.m. at the Osborne Community Center to discuss the Sun Recycling construction debris plant in Lantana.

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10 Comments on “Who’s Going To Clean Up This Mess?”

  1. Arête Says:

    It looks like Commissioner Jennings has big shoes to fill.

  2. Wes Blackman Says:

    Ehem…who voted for Sun Recycling in the first place and waived the rules to do it? None other than our own Commissioner Jennings. This is nothing but posturing for her re-election bid. From my point of view, too little, too late. Check me on this.

  3. John Says:

    Wes is correct. Jennings made the motion to waive the rules and give Sun the contract without letting the people who live near the dump notice that the commission was going to vote on the contract. Now she is acting like a concerned commissioner a few months before the election. What a liar!

  4. Dale Says:

    Welcome to Cara’s Campaign 2010. She is trying to portray herself as a caring person who gets things done. She is neither, as this situation points out.
    Cara took 1 cronic complainer and through a series of meetings, stirred up the community, created a problem and now is trying to portray herself as champion of the underrepresented.
    Cara left out the part where the PBC Dept of health looked into the matter and declaired that no measureable problem existed. Nothing is going to happen on this matter as Cara is not dealing with the agency who can do something. Instead, Cara is going for the publicity instead of going back to the Dept that takes care of the matter.
    Cara has also recruited a number of hysterical bleeding hearts who envision their champion carrying the day. But as experienced with the illegal aliens who don’t frequent the Day Labor Center—Cara is not the answer–even when she creates the problem.

    • Gaea Says:

      Great Dale! Then why don’t we move the dump to your backyard?

      • Dale Says:

        Poor Gaea. Her only answer is to take an industrially zoned area in another town and to move it. This is classic Cara Craziness: incite the situation and jump in front of the parade protesting the proclaimed travesty—-instead of addressing the situation by dealing with the proper agency and ascertaining whether or not there is a problem before trying to address the problem through alternative means.
        The poor Cara Cabal continues to be all smoke and mirrors without accomplishing anything constructive.

      • Gaea Says:

        Yes, woe is me. I’m always missing the mark around here.

        Let’s see if I can do a better job of making my point for you, Dale. If the dump was just yards away from your back yard, and had been coating the insides of your home and lungs for a while now, would you think that you response below was appropriate?

        That we should assume that this is just a “proclaimed travesty”, not a serious health issue that you have been forced to deal with? Should we assume that there is no problem until the proper agency has ascertained that there is, in fact, a problem? We should just peg you as a whiner?

        Because if you think that there’s no problem, then you’re the kind of person who wouldn’t mind living next to the dump, right? Did I put that all together for you in a comprehensible way?

        And by the way, Cara’s not in this thread, just me and you. Try to get over your obsession with her. I am not her.

  5. Steve Says:

    At least she has $51,000 to donate towards the cause.

    • Jose Says:

      Steve, you need glasses or a reading comprehension class. The Wes Blackman post you allude to states that she received $1,500, not $51,000. It doesn’t mention that the class action lawsuit consisted of 34 people who were teargassed and shot at with rubber bullets by City of Miami police at a peaceful protest.

      The City Commission of Miami ruled in 2004 that the police had used excessive force.

  6. Greg Rice Says:

    In an article in the PB Post last week; Candidates already maneuvering for Lake Worth’s November elections. Cara was quoted saying, Jennings, 33, said she expects to make her announcement for the November election later this year. The official qualifying period for the election will be in August .

    “Right now I am focused on my current term in office and what the city can do to reduce electric bills, balance the budget and address the difficult economy,” Jennings said.

    It sure seems she’s already got her running shoes on. Leading the Pledge of Allegiance at the Lantana’s City Commission meeting last week, now stirring this back up in Scott Maxwell’s district. It’s going to get interesting.

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