Dysfunction Junction. . .

I’m still collecting my thoughts about last night’s bizarre Community Relations Board meeting and will likely post more later (plus I have some McFixit work to do this morning).

In a nutshell the highlights were:

Vice Chair Carla Blockson resigned to pursue her campaign, and immediately left the room to attend the Sun Recycling meeting.

Brooke Bailey gave a presentation on Hate Groups with local ties and activities.  Several residents and a few board members remarked about Boarder Control now and Commissioner Scott Maxwell’s old radio show Connecting The Dots.  The CRB is going to work with Ms. Bailey’s group in the near future.

Residents Lynn Anderson and Victoria Pearson sent letters and e-mails to the Board expressing concern about Chair Mark Parrilla’s participation on local blogs.  The letter and e-mail were added to the agenda so that they could be on record.  However the attempt at discussion was derailed by Chair Parillia’s constant interruptions and badgering of the Board.  At one point Chair Parillia told a board member to, “shit or get off the pot”.   Several members pleaded with Parrilla to please stop interrupting them and at one point asked him to leave the meeting.  During this part of the meeting Board member Maria Uribe resigned saying that she would rather be home reading a book and got up and left.

The Chair’s actions never allowed a full discussion to take place and the e-mail and letter were never read out loud so as to be entered into the record.  Several motions were attempted by Board Members including voting to replace Parrilla as Chair.  After several almost incomprehensible exchanges between  Board Members and Chair a vote was taken to elect all new officers at the June 11th meeting.  Electing a new Vice Chair was necessitated by Ms. Blockson’s resignation and the current Secretary’s term expires this summer.  The board can vote for Mr Parrilla as Chair or choose to replace him.  The Board also voted to have someone else other than Chair Parrilla facilitate that meeting.  The Chair said that he would be checking with the City to make sure that the Board could take these actions.  The meeting was then quickly adjourned.

Okay I really need to go back to work now.

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3 Comments on “Dysfunction Junction. . .”

  1. VanishingInk Says:

    ROFL at Parillia, as always! Try crawling under a rock, you fool.

  2. Nathan Says:

    Wow, I’m kind of glad to stay away from these meetings. At one point I had considered volunteering for a board… I’m not so sure I could stomach it after hearing about this.

  3. tomspage Says:


    I would not let the CRB influence your decision to stay away from meetings or applying for a Board. The CRB is an exception, all the other boards appear to function as intended.


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