Let’s Make A Deal?

Tom’s Page has been following the brouhaha regarding the CRA’s purchasing of properties for the  NSP2 Grant Program with great interest.  We would like to ask two of Lake Worth’s more vocal  citizens on this particular subject a question.

Mr. Peter Timm,  are you willing to sell your North O St.  home for $121,955.00?  That is the appraised value according to PBC.

Ms. Lynn Anderson,  are you willing to sell your Lake Osborne Dr. condo for $40,200.00, again that being the appraised value by the County.

Do you both think these are fair values?   Would you accept an offer from a buyer for these amounts?

If you don’t think these are reasonable prices  for your properties, we would be very interested in knowing  for how much you would be willing to sell your property.

p.s.  Please remember, part of the reason for Hands On Consulting failure in Lake Worth was that the banks and property owners would not negotiate with them based on assessed values.  This was before the NSP2 grant monies came to town to save the day.

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