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Will Red Light Cameras Get A Green Light?

July 1, 2010

From page 42 of the Proposed Operating Budget Fiscal Year 2010/2011

2. Red Light Cameras

To compensate for the loss of revenue in the General Fund and offset the increasing cost of police protection, the Administration is proposing the installation of red light cameras in Fiscal Year 2011. Though the program was brought to the Commission approximately two years ago and progressed to the point of Commission approval, a contract with the selected vendor was never executed. In light of the State legislation passed in April, whereby the use of automated camera equipment to cite traffic offenders was legalized as a moving violation and no longer a local code enforcement citation, the Administration can now recommend the installation of this technology.

By far, the most important reason to implement a red light camera program is for the safety of Lake Worth’s citizens, visitors and passers-through. Research has shown a significant drop in right-angle collisions as well as the resultant fatalities or injuries once the cameras are in place and operating. Secondary benefits associated with camera related reductions in traffic fatalities and injuries are the savings in healthcare resources, police enforcement and other emergency services that would normally respond to what could now be avoidable collisions. City staff is working with the selected vendor to revisit the traffic studies performed two years ago and to develop revenue estimates for paid citations, research specific collision studies, determine the amount of expense the City will incur in order to implement the program, as well as to determine the intersections to be designated for camera installation.

As a point of information, the designated intersections discussed two years ago are as follow:

• WB 10th Ave N I-95 N Off-Ramp (3 lanes)

• EB 10th Ave N I-95 S Off-Ramp (3 lanes)

• EB 6th Ave S S Dixie Hwy (3 lanes)

• EB 6th Ave S South A St (3 lanes)

• WB 10th Ave N North A St (3 lanes)

Since the program is still currently in the planning stages, staff has recommended a very conservative revenue estimate of $100,000 for FY 2011. There is a good chance that considerably more revenue will be generated, but relying on that in these uncertain economic times would not be in the best interests of the City. Over the next few weeks, staff will be gathering the necessary information for the City to make a fully informed decision as to how best to implement the Red Light Camera Program in Lake Worth.

Come On In, The Water’s Fine

June 3, 2010

Lake Worth’s pool by the beach will be reopening Saturday, June 5th.

All of the work to get the pool back up and running was done entirely “in house” by the utilities and public service departments.  And it was done 20,000.00 under the original estimate.

Hammon Park Denied

June 3, 2010

Click on image to enlarge.

The request for an amendment of the Master Development Plan by the Hammon Park developers was denied in a 5 to 2 vote by the Planning and Zoning Board yesterday evening.  The two alternates also voted to deny the request although their votes did not count.

Lynda Mahoney brought up the fact that the density of the development had increased from 29 per acre to over 38 per acre since the original plans for the property.  She also cited the absence of any outdoor space for children noting that there are no nearby parks and parents would have to drive them to places to play thus negating the “walkabilty” claims made by the developers.

Manuel Occhiogrosso noted the development’s almost total lack of green space, stating that even notoriously dense medieval housing had courtyards and outdoor spaces incorporated into them.

Lynda Davis also expressed concern over the absence of green space calling the project, “A pretty new warehouse for people.”

Board alternate Christopher McVoy pointed out that while developer’s infiltration drainage system did return water to the ground it was not as good as having permeable green space.  He explained that it is the organic matter that filters out pollution from the water running off roofs and asphalt.

Board chair John Paxman and vice chair Phil Spinelli were in favor of granting the amendment.  Paxman cited changes in the property size and layout due to the developers selling the parcel to the south to Publix had affected the density and that the infrastructure had already been installed.  Spinelli was concerned about the project’s 82% of impervious surface and lack of green space but said that we live in a city not a town and it was important to get the property on the tax rolls.

Linda Davis rhetorically asked, “Isn’t that property in the CRA district?”  Pointing out that the taxes would go to the CRA, not to the general tax role.  She also noted that residential developments do not contribute much in the way of taxes due to their larger use of city services.

After the vote vice chair Spinelli loudly quipped, “Can you say lawsuit?”

Hammon Park Part Deux

June 2, 2010

The Developers of Hammon Park are requesting the Planning and Zoning Board amend the Master Development Plan to allow them to finish building on the property at the corner of N. J St. and 3rd Ave N.  They are now “emphasizing the affordability of the project” (see below).

It seems that affordable housing is the new marketing buzz word for developers in order to get grants.    With NSP2 and and the City’s own affordable housing program it appears that we are already taking care of that segment.  With Publix next door and located on bus routes wouldn’t this location be better suited for seniors, there are grants available for that as well.

This is not the only issue with the project.  Lack of green-space, three story buildings abutting a residential neighborhood (no elevators) and parking are also concerns.

The P&Z Board is meeting in City Hall Chambers at 6:00 PM this evening.

Note:  New Urban Communities (NUC) is the Hammon Park developer.

In December 2009, NUC sold three-quarter of property located south of North 3rd Avenue North to Publix, which then requires a major amendment/modification to the approved RPD (Hammon Park). On March 2010, NUC closed on the Florida Housing Finance Corporation’s (FHFC) grant; consequently NUC is now requesting to amend the master development plan once more to allow the construction of the outstanding 33 units in addition to the thirteen existing dwelling units which accumulate to 46 units on the subject site. According to the Applicant the, the entire 33 units development will be constructed to LEED SILVER standards endorse by the United States Green Building Council (USGBC).

In 2008, Planning and Zoning Board and City Commission had profound concerns regarding the project affordability. As a result, the Applicant provides a statement below to emphasize on the affordability of the project.

“Affordability: Every unit will be marketed to low and moderate income residents. The state requirement is that all homes be affordable to persons making less than 140% of the median income adjusted for household size, but in fact all the homes will be affordable to persons making less than 80% of the median income adjusted for household size. In addition, 50% of the homes must be sold to essential workers, which include teachers, nurses and municipal workers. It should be noted that the School District is providing 25 down payment assistance grants of $10,000 each and the CRA is also providing $50,000 for down payment assistance grants for City, CRA, and, in addition to the CWHIP grants, which average about $47,735 per unit.”

This property is situated in a relatively dense area. Properties located North of the subject RPD have a land-use category of General Commercial (GC) and High Density Residential and has a zoning designation High Intensity Commercial-1 and Medium- Density Multiple-Family Residential, 30 units to the acre; properties located to the south have a land-use category of Central Area Commercial (CAC) and Mixed Use Office-Residential, and zoning designation CAC and Downtown Arts Overlay District; properties located west have a land-use category of General Commercial and zoning designation of High Intensity Commercial-1; and properties located East of subject site have a land-use category of High Density Residential and a zoning designation of Medium-Density Multiple-Family Residential, 30 units to the acre.

Give A Man A Fish. . .

June 2, 2010

And he’ll eat for a day.  Teach a man to fish, and he’ll want to go to the Second Annual City of Lake Worth Fishing Tournament.

Click on image to enlarge.

Keeping Abreast Of Things. . .

May 31, 2010

Deanna marched up to the statue outside the Clay Glass Metal Stone Gallery and placed Barbie in this strategic position.  We were downtown this afternoon;  stopping at several local businesses to eat lunch, have drinks and enjoy ice cream.

After having our fill, we walked down to Bryant Park to find all of the construction fences have been removed and the entire park is finally open.

The walkway along the seawall in the south part of the park.

A dinghy beached near the horseshoe pits.

Using the exercise equipment.

The parking lot in the south end of the park appears only to need the stripes painted on the blacktop to be complete.

Deanna and Christopher on the swings.

The new seawall is a great place to catch the breeze off the waterway.

It’s wonderful to be able to use the whole park again and we look forward to the new play structure, landscaping and benches.

Avian Flew

May 29, 2010

Publix, where shopping is a pleasure!

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Saddle Up!

May 25, 2010

E-mail from Commissioner Jennings:

The Lake Worth Bike Month Community Bike Ride is Tomorrow!!

Date: Wednesday May 26

Time: 6pm

Location: Cultural Plaza

Purpose: To celebrate May as “National Bike Month”

Come join the Community Bike Ride and Bicycle Safety Event to commemorate the League of American Bicyclists National Bike Month and memorialize Lake Worth residents that have been killed or injured while bike riding in the community.

The event will start at 6:00 p.m. in the Lake Worth Cultural Plaza, next to the Lake Worth Library. The event will begin with bicycle safety tips from PBSO, followed by the community bike ride. Bring your own bicycles and helmets (bike rentals are available at Relentless Bicycle on Lucerne Ave and Lake Worth Bicycle on Dixie Hway). The route will be 3 miles long and will include a brief stop at one of the locations of a bike fatality that has occurred in our city. The ride will conclude at the Cultural Plaza for a brief presentation by Lake Worth City Commissioners and PBSO Staff.

We will be finished by 7pm, just in time for dinner in downtown Lake Worth!

All are invited to participate, for additional information please contact Assistant to the City Manager, Rachel Smithson at 561-533-7394 or

I hope to see you there!

Cara Jennings

Commissioner District 2

City of Lake Worth

Special Delivery

May 20, 2010

As part of Downtown Jewel Neighborhood Association’s Post Office landscaping project volunteers were working hard in the midday sun to install new palm trees today.

Wayne Marcinkowski deftly maneuvered the trees into place with his backhoe as Tom Mcgreevy and other volunteers pushed, shoveled and watered.  They were working so hard Tom’s Page didn’t get a chance to get everybody’s name.  Can anybody identify them?

Fishing Hole

May 19, 2010