Get Used To It?

While listening to last night’s City Commission meeting from home I was appalled to hear Vice Mayor Golden state, “We all have to get used to change. Manny has to get used to living in a ghetto until things pick up around here.”, or words to that effect. She was referring to a resident who spoke earlier in the meeting citing the deterioration of his neighborhood.

Wait until things pick up around here? What in the world is she thinking?

While it is incumbent on all of us to work individually and with our neighbors to better our neighborhoods, we look to our elected officials to lead the way.   It is a slap in the face to suggest that Manny, or indeed any of us should wait until times get better.

Perhaps the Vice Mayor should consider using this as her campaign slogan in her reelection bid:


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2 Comments on “Get Used To It?”

  1. Wes Blackman Says:

    I thought I was hearing things – very revealing comment.

  2. Lynn Says:

    Very unfortunate comment

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